Fecske Presszo / Light lunch and Dinner / 超值好吃商業午餐

The Q&A from the Staff Zoltán Vincze at Fecske Presszo

What is your favorite dish or drink here? 

We have 2 different menus; one is for Summer and one is for Winter.
My favourite meal is from the Summer menu is the chicken breast wrapped in bacon (with french fries).
The best drink is the lemonade, we have many varietes from the classic to mango flavouring.
My favourite meal of the Winter menu is the pulled pork.
The most popular drinks are the hot lemonades,we have honey-ginger and hibiscus-mint flavours.

Do you have any tip for people who visiting here for the first time ? 

 I can not choose one (or two) food,I would recommend to try everything. :)

Could you use three words to describe this place?


# Lunch Daily menu from 700 ft
# Food menu from 900 ft with small portion, good for light lunch.
# Nice terrace seats

#今日午餐菜單 700 福林起
#一般菜單 900 福林起,份量較小,適合午餐

Address : Budapest, Baross u. 10, 1088 Hungary 
Website : http://fecskepresszo.com
Opening hours : Mon to Fri 10 : 00 - 00 : 00 Sat : 12 : 00 - 00 : 00  Sun : 14 : 00 - 00 : 00

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